Deivid Sarapuu

Web and Mobile back-end developer who from time to time likes to do front-end coding as well. Interested in creating something fresh & awesome.

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Recent projects

Collection of recent work about webshops, information systems, mobile applications, company & personal webpages, custom solutions and more.

  1. Baltic Energy Services

    Sõltumatu energiaturu ettevõte

    Work: Self-service portal for Baltic Energy Services customers built on a custom php workframe. Works in three countries where users can view their contracts, analyse consumptions and more.

    Collaboration: Softpro OÜ

  2. Baltic Energy Services

    Sõltumatu energiaturu ettevõte

    Work: User-interface for a data warehouse. Is built on a custom php workframe. Main functionality includes: table, form and graph manipulation; data export to appropriate file formats; automatic information exchange with different country databases.

    Collaboration: Softpro OÜ

  3. Media Studio

    Värviline sõnum inimesteni.

    Work: Webpage design and Facebook gallery API that imports images from MediaStudio's Facebook page to MediaStudio web gallery

    Collaboration: Silver Koppel (Design)

  4. Auna Ehitus

    fasaadide ja lamekatuste soojustamine

    Work: Firm identity including logo, business cards, banners and web desgin for web & mobile devices. Making a company website using WordPress and making SEO for it.

    Collaboration: Rain Ant (Design/Wordpress)

  5. Reinpaul

    Võsaraie: kraavid, teeääred, hakkimine

    Work: Custom user-interface for data warehouse. Main functionality includes inserting and analysing consignment, sending bills and managing stock statuses.

    Collaboration: Softpro OÜ

  6. Collaboration with NewTime

    Turning my school internship and after school I did several projects in collaboration with NewTime.
    In those projects I did the front-end coding and/or implementing front-end code to WordPress.

    For example pages like: Khis, Martella, GBD, Liivimaa Lihaveis, Humparts and more

    Collaboration: NewTime

  7. Photography portfolio

    Personal photography portfolio site. Predecessor to current design that used to contain both web and photography work.

  8. Developer in Astro Baltics

    Working as a developer for Astro Baltics I took part in more than a baker's dozen WebShop projects. Also in a couple of Automated Hostel booking systems and mobile salesman's assistant applications.

    Employer: Astro Baltics


Starting from my early school years, I have been interested in computers and programming. In consequence I started developing web pages as a hobby in the beginning of this millenium. I freelanced for a number of local projects in my hometown throughout high school. It was clear from the beginning, that coding will be my profession.

After high school I studied Multimedia(Web Specialist) vocation in Tartu. The curriculum consisted mainly of design, front-end coding and project management. Despite that my interest in back-end coding has always been dominant, and as a result I have ended up doing it most of the time. From the late nineties up to now, I have worked on different operating systems and programming languages. My coding journey started with Windows 95 PC and I used all of the major new distros up to Windows 7, before moving on to linux.

I started out learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and over the years I have picked up JavaScript, Java, Objc, Python, Wiring, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite, Node.js.
Lately my work consists more of custom solutions, so each new project is completely different than the last one. For example some of my recent work has been the making of PHP libraries for capacious information systems; offline salesman assistant with bluetooth printing for mobile devices; custom SDK frameworks for both iOS and Android. As a hobby I build and program gadgets via Arduino microcontroller.

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